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DayCreek Journal

December 12 , 2008

Doesn't December Come After June?

Looks like were in for a Really Big Snooo.

This is embarrassing. I haven't written a journal in almost 6 months. (Talk about a time warp--Yikes!) There were a couple of attempts at getting a journal written, but by the time I came close to finishing, they were already out of date. I guess I better get this out NOW.

Well, it looks like we are in for our first big snowfall of the winter although there's already about 5 inches of snow on the ground. There very well could be 15 inches on the ground by tomorrow morning. This winter is starting colder and snowier than last winter. What's going on here? What happened to wearing shorts in December? (Okay, I'm exaggerating a wee bit.)

So with the snow coming down heavily and a nice, warm fire going in the stove, I decided I would sit down and write this journal. I will try to quickly summarize the past few months.

This past summer I was on the go doing nature/bird photography. When the weather is good during the spring/summer months I was out almost every day either along the river or on some country road photographing nature. What can I say? Ya gotta do what ya love!

My Pet Boat

Native Watercraft's Ultimate 12

One of the most exciting events this past summer was purchasing a "canoeyak". least that is what I am calling it. It's made by Native Watercraft and it is an open-face kayak with a double hull for stability. My first venture(s) out with the boat was with my camera and smaller lenses, but as my confidence in the boat (and me) increased, I eventually got brave enough and took my BAL (Big A$$ Lens) out in the boat with me. This allowed me to get some great images of wildlife along the Mississippi River. If photography alone isn't addictive enough, combine that with paddling along the backwaters of the Mississippi and you can see why I haven't written a journal in a while -- sorry about that.

But with the change of seasons, focus has returned once again to Day Creek and the house.Over the past few months I have been working on two projects: the kitchen and the solar heating system. Here's a summarization of each of the projects.


Just a teaser. More pictures to come soon.

First on the list of things that had to be done was to put in a kitchen. (Yes, finally a real kitchen.) Jo and I had been debating the design/style/cost of the kitchen for a while now and we finally decided on a plan that we both liked.

Once we had a rough plan, I went to a few home improvement stores in the area to get estimates. We knew the costs were going to be high, but the quality for the price seemed out of line. That, plus the lack of eco-friendliness of the product kind of turned us off.

I seriously considered building the cabinets from scratch, but the amount of time that it would take for me to build the cabinets (along with the necessary tools) made me think twice, plus I think Jo was a bit leary as to the quality of "Al's Cordwood Cabinets".

As luck would have it I drove by an Amish cabinet maker one day and after seeing his work, the decision was easy. We ordered the custom cabinets in September and now just finished the installation last week.

Solar Heating System Redux
The second big project this fall was the solar heating system. In September, one of the two pumps seized up. The system was still able to provide heat using just the one pump, but I figured I'd better get the system fixed before winter set in. Along with the pump, the non-toxic antifreeze was about due to be replaced as well.

Since the system's pumps needed to be replaced and the fluid had to be changed, why not go a step further and redesign the system to allow for the marriage of the sand bed and floor heating systems? Sounds like a plan to me! And that's just what I did.

I'll be writing more about the kitchen and the solar heating system in upcoming journals. For now, I figured I'd better just get everyone up to date.


Muskrat Love