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DayCreek Journal

December 1 , 2011

Garage / Workshop - Part IV
The Barn is Up!


Above is a 5-minute time-lapse video showing the entire construction process of the barn. Click on the above image to start the video. Special thanks to Bunke Construction, LLC. of Rushford, MN for help on this project. Their crew: Duane, Dustin, Aaron, Noah and Enis were great workers and did an excellent job!

It's now December and just as the first snows are falling, I am happy to report that the framing of the garage/workshop has been completed. There's still plenty to do on the inside and next spring/summer I will be busy putting on the cordwood veneer. I'm still debating if I will just tack on the cordwood to the sheathing or also apply mortar between the logs. Mortaring between the logs would make the walls look more authentic, but that would be more work too. I'll have all of winter to contemplate the cordwood veneer aspect of this project.

In the mean time, I need to build interior walls for the workshop area (12' x 32') and insulate the workshop to R-19 standards. The rest of the building will be insulated to R-11 since I really don't plan to use it other than to shelter our vehicles and Bobcat skid loader.

Here are a few pictures with descriptions:

The rafters are almost done on the upper roof. Notice the extended ridge beam? That's to allow for a "turkey tail" on the front of the barn.


Once the rafters were constructed, car siding was used as the base layer of the roof. This picture was taken from the first floor looking up through an opening in the loft. We could have built a loft over the entire main section of the garage, but then the beautiful ceiling wouldn't be seen unless you were up in the loft/storage area. Having the opening really adds dimension to the interior of the building and allows for large objects to be hoisted up to the loft through the opening.


Here's a view of the frame and roof. Over the car siding, 2 inches of foam board was applied, followed by 1x4's for ventilation, then 1/2" sheathing, then ice and water shield, then the metal roof.


At this stage, we're just about ready for the exterior sheathing. One of the garage doors is already installed.


This is how it looks as of December 1st. All the sheathing is up, sofit and facia installed, garage doors are finished (complete with decorative hardware) and the building has electrical service. The left side is a single-bay for the Bobcat, the center is a two-vehicle garage and the right side is a workshop.

This pretty much wraps things up for this year. Over the winter, I will be busy building a wall for the workshop, insulating the workshop and installing rough-cut boards on the interior to keep with the barn theme. I'll send along some pics as things progress!

—Alan Stankevitz