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DayCreek Journal

October 20, 1997


The Road is in and so is the First Load of Wood!
dc_road.jpg (5472 bytes)Here's a view of our newly built road. This picture was taken near the front entrance looking up the hill (North). From here the road goes up to a somewhat "flat" plateau area and runs adjacent to a rectangular hay field that's about 7 acres. The road then continues around the corner of the hay field and ends at the pole barn. Quite a few wild turkeys were lurking around while I got some nice autumn pictures. (Unfortunately, the birds wouldn't pose for me!) 

dc_wood.jpg (9555 bytes)Here's a picture of the first load of cordwood brought into the pole barn. I borrowed a trailer from Ed McAllen (the fella who I purchased the cordwood from) and filled the pickup truck as well. I think the best thing for me to do is rent a truck or find someone to help haul all of the wood. I'm not quite sure how many face cords of wood there's to move. Ed thinks it's around 30. At this rate, it will take many more trips to complete.