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DayCreek Journal

October 1, 2000

What is he building now?

I'm sure that we have been the talk of the neighborhood when it comes to building this house. People have stopped by to ask what is that? A giant gazebo or is that a KFC restaurant?


Well, after much deliberation, Jo and I have decided to make the house into a KFC restaurant and we will use the solar collector frame to be a billboard for the restaurant. What do you think? We could raise our own chickens and butcher them while you wait. Now that's some fresh chicken!


Okay, okay, it really is a frame for the solar collectors. But, I'm sure a few neighbors will be wondering what the heck we are building now. It does kind of look like a billboard. The frame pictured here is 24' long and will hold 5 out of the 10 panels. The first frame is pretty much done and I hope to get the next frame done in a week or so. The weather has been dry and warm, and although it will get much colder by the end of the week, I hope to make good progress over the next 3 to 4 days before the weather goes down hill. I hope to complete the frames by the middle of next week at the latest.


On a final note, I seem to have been adopted by a cat who has been wandering around lately. Since we formally met on a Sunday, I have named her Sundae. She's really a cute cat and it's nice to have some company. (She did manage to knock over the dishpan the other evening, which made me think twice about how cute she is.)

I guess I better get working on that other billboard, eh, I mean solar collector.