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DayCreek Journal

September 24, 2001

It's Getting A Little Nippy Up Here
Autumn arrived a few days ago and the days are getting shorter and shorter. Working until 8 p.m. is a thing of the past now and by 7 p.m. it's getting rather dark. Yesterday I had hoped to finish wall # 17, but it just got too dark to work. This week was another one of those weeks where I just couldn't seem to get a solid days work in until Tom came out on Friday to help. It rained six out of the seven last days, Friday being the only day without rain. The good news is the seeded lawn is turning green. I'm sure I will be busy mowing it next year.

I've also been staying close to the radio and Internet to get the latest news regarding the terrorist strike in Manhattan and the soon-to-be U.S. retaliation. Taking a few extra breaks has slowed me down a bit, but slowly things are returning to normal.

This week I will start work on the 18th wall. I should be able to finish this wall and maybe build wall #19 before calling it quits for the season. Tonight we will for sure see our first frost as temperatures are already in the upper 30's. I 'll just have to keep an eye on the extended forecast to see if any hard freezes are on the way. Once the night temperatures start going below freezing, I don't think I want to chance building walls.

Playing Instead of Working
Admittedly, I've been spending mornings and evenings playing instead of working. The new terrestrial scope that I've been using has really peaked my interest in bird watching. The digital camera that I've been using (Kodak DC4800) was probably never intended to be used with telescopes, but through a bit of ingenuity and duct tape, I've been able to get some pretty good photographs. Below are a few examples:

This photo was taken right after sunset. I was able to lure this barred owl out of hiding by playing the call of a barred owl out of the cabin window. I have no idea what I am saying in owl talk, but it sure keeps them curious.


A cedar waxwing perches on a branch by Day Creek.