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DayCreek Journal

September 19 , 1999


I've got to vent
One of the energy saving features of the house is the ventilation system that will be used during the summer months. Yes, there will be days that we will need air conditioning, but by having a system in place to draw in the cool country evening air, we should be able to limit the use of the energy guzzling air conditioner. The cupola that I have designed and built will provide ventilation for the attic area and provide a vent for the whole house fan that will be installed directly below the cupola in the center part of the house.

The cupola was built on the second floor and then raised piece by piece to the roof. The frame was the hardest part to raise and required the use of a hoist to get it up on the roof. All of the other pieces were raised through the center of the roof using a long strap and hook. If you ever played the arcade game using a "claw" to grab at lame prizes, this was very similar. I never imagined that all of those quarters spent in the "claw" machine would some day pay off. It was rather fun hooking the pieces as I raised them up one by one.

wpe1.jpg (10082 bytes)

The first step was to saw off the top of the roughed-in framing and make a secure and level platform for the cupola.

wpe2.jpg (10657 bytes)

The second step was to lift the frame of the cupola onto the platform and secure it with screws and strapping.

Once the cupola was in place, it was just a matter of putting the sides together and installing aluminum flashing around the bottom and sides of the structure. Following the flashing, I sided the cupola using vinyl garage door jambs. These are really hefty pieces of vinyl about one half inch in thickness. I ripped the pieces on the table saw to match each side of the cupola. Finally, I caulked all of the vinyl seams and applied an asphalt seal to all of the exposed flashing seams.

wpe3.jpg (10496 bytes)

Here's a view of the final product. Once the metal roof is installed, the cupola will have a matching roof and overhang.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on three projects: mowing the 7 acres of 5' tall grass, framing the roof for the soffit to be installed and getting ready to board the place up for winter. I will be having to wrap things over the next few weeks due to an unfortunate event. Jo will be requiring surgery during the first week in October and I will need to take care of her during the month. More to follow next week.