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DayCreek Journal

September 7, 1997

The Pole Barn is Up!
dc_polebarn.jpg (11490 bytes)One of the first projects to get done is the pole barn. Storage is required for building materials for the house and this will provide temporary housing while the house is being built. The barn is 30' x 54' and will have a gravel floor. Thirty-two face cords of wood will be moved into the building by the end of this fall. The wood, which was procured by a fellow cordwood builder in the area, is already debarked and dried. Now how to get the 32 face cords of wood into the building? Each round trip to get the wood will be about 50 miles total. The shed will also house a small tractor as soon as a good deal presents itself.  

The barn is located in a flat shelf area. The picture above is looking west. Beyond the shed, the land drops about 50' down to a creek. On the other side of the creek is our neighbor's farm as seen in this photo. In front of the shed is a hay field of about 7 acres. East of the field is a bluff that goes up about another 225' to a plateau area. The bluff is heavily wooded.