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DayCreek Journal

August 12, 2001

Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold
In the last journal entry I complained about the heat. I really didn't think it could get any worse, but without any wind and a prolonged period of 90 to 100 degree heat, it did. Just attempting to cut wood in the shade with the fan blowing on me at full speed was just too much during the heat of the day. The state of Minnesota was roasting, and causing fatalities too. Korey Stringer, a lineman for the Minnesota Vikings died from heat stroke while at practice this week. It was the heat and dew points that made it so deadly. Tuesday night the temperature was 82 degrees with fog! That meant that the dew point was 82 degrees. For the three years that I've lived in the cabin, I have never seen the temperature so warm at night. Usually there's a nice breeze off the bluffs and rarely does it stay above 70 degrees.

The wall on the left is the most recent wall to be completed. This is the second of three walls that make up the kitchen area. The next kitchen wall to be built will have a small windows over the sink area. These walls face NW, so not having too much window space is a plus.

By Thursday morning the winds picked up and shifted out of the NW, and by Friday morning the temperature dropped to 50 degrees! It is amazing how fast weather conditions can change when Mother Nature wants them to. I thank her for the air conditioning.

Since I spent three days plodding along with the heat, progress was slow on wall number 12. This wall was another solid wall with no windows to make things easier on me. It took me almost six days to complete, about a day longer than I've been averaging for a full wall.

Luckily, it appears that the terrible heat wave has been broken, so things should get back to normal at least for another week or so.

The other evening while mixing mortar, I looked up to see mother deer with her fawn nibbling on the leaves of some bushes on the side of the house. So I took the opportunity to sneak around the back of the house to get their picture. I couldn't get them to smile for the camera though.