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DayCreek Journal

August 7 , 1999


Build It and They Will Come

wpe1.jpg (11183 bytes)Now that my master plan is complete you might as well know that I'm really not building a 16 sided cordwood house. It is a landing pad for the aliens from the planet "Stackwallon" located in a galaxy far, far, away. Okay, you're right the heat has finally gotten to me and the kid has cracked. But you have to admit it does kind of look like a landing pad for one of them there UFO things.

For a change, this last week the weather was wonderful. It was sunny most days with temperatures in the low 80's. Much better than previous weeks. This allowed me to finally get some good solid work days in. On Monday, I received 30, 4 x 8 sheets of Adventech OSB tongue and groove subflooring. I was able to have the local lumber company bring the sheets on a boom truck and through the mastery of the driver he was able to put the sheets right wpe2.jpg (10252 bytes)up on the second floor deck. The Adventech product is somewhat unique in the fact that the sheets are guaranteed for 50 years not to warp or buckle in wet conditions. Hopefully, the house will be completed within 50 years.

The end result for the week was the completion of the second floor subfloor. Nine out of the sixteen sides will be used on the second floor for a guest bedroom, bathroom and office area. The rest of the second floor will be left open over the living room and kitchen areas on the first floor.

Next week, I will work on the walk-way for the second floor and figure out what to do with 32 roof trusses that will be delivered on Wednesday.

wpe3.jpg (6740 bytes)This week's Beanie Baby picture goes to the family of four kittens and their mother who have taken up residence in the pole barn. The pole barn seems to be a purrrrfect place for them. No kitten!