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DayCreek Journal

June 20, 2002

Moving Right Along
Since the last journal, the 23rd and half of the 24th wall has been completed. The horizontal panel on wall #24 is there to protect the wall while the mortar cures.

Things are moving right along on the house as I am now working on the 24th wall. This is the first wall of the upstairs bedroom and it's a solid wall without a window. The bedroom will contain a window (wall number 25), but it's a bit smaller (measuring approximately 4' x 4') since it is facing a northerly exposure.

It's kind of a love-hate relationship on this side of the house. The windows bring in light to the kitchen and upstairs bedroom, but windows are also the most energy inefficient part of the wall and during the winter months they will have a slight impact on the overall efficiency of the house. (It's one of those things you have to weigh out while designing your house.)

This time of the year though, it's nice to have the windows for some cross-ventilation in the house. With temperatures approaching 90 degrees, things are really feeling like summer now. The rains keep coming though and consequently the grass keeps right on growing. In Illinois, the grass usually takes a break and I can get away with mowing the lawn once every two to three weeks, but up here it has been a different story. Mowing takes a good two to three hours out of my weekly schedule, but it's nice to sit down and relax a bit even though I'm driving a garden tractor.

The lazy days of summer also brings new baby birds into the world. The phoebes who built their nest in back of the house have had their first fledgelings leave the nest and it looks like mom might be sitting on eggs again and inside the house, the barn swallows have built another nest. This year they have built it in our kitchen. (Last year it was the master bedroom.) I still find it rather ironic that while I'm "mudding" they're doing the same inside of the house. There nests aren't sixteen sided though, but their home only takes a few weeks to build. (I am quite envious of that.) Where will they build next year when the house is finally enclosed? I guess I'll have to build the frame for the garage so they can have a new place to build. Besides the fact I enjoy having the birds as company, they make great bug zappers. A few less dear flies is a good thing!

This is a short week for me since I am off to the Energy Fair on Thursday. A meeting to form a cordwood builder's association is planned for Thursday evening and I'm sure it will prove to be quite an event! Stay tuned for my report on the meeting and this year's energy fair.

Hummingbirds like grape jelly too! least the male hummingbird does. The female "sticks" to eating from the hummingbird feeder.