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DayCreek Journal

June 12 , 2004

Waning Moonfest 2004

Dale shows off his caber toss technique.

Attempting to schedule Moonfest during a full moon has become quite a challenge, so we have now diversified into all phases of the moon. June 12th was about the only Saturday in the months of May and June that all our friends could make the event, so Moonfest became "Waning Moonfest" this year.

Of course, even the best made plans are subject to "Weatherfest" and this year's event was under question or was it under water?. Close to 5 inches of rain fell in our neck of the woods during the week and things were a little on the "damp side. " But low and behold, just as guests were arriving, the sun broke through the clouds. This made things a little on the "steamy side", but at least we were able to get the games in before the thunderstorms arrived later in the day.

A Moonfest is never complete without some form of entertainment and for the third year in a row, our guests were invited to show off there talents by participating in the Moonfest games: The Men's Caber Toss, The Men's Bowling Ball Shot Put, The Women's Skillet Toss and The Women's Chicken-in-the-Pot.

Impaling the handle into the earth was a new technique at this year's skillet-toss event.

(Before I give the details of the events, I must admit that I am writing this a few days after the event, so some of my remarks might be slightly embellished.)

Based on what we endured, it was quite apparent SOME of the contestants had not practiced these events ahead of time. You would think that for such a major event, contestants would have prepared in advance. It was planned months ago so there were no excuses allowed (nor Mulligan) for errant throws. Spectators were roped off well away from the playing field in case an errant caber or an errant iron skillet was to inadvertently head their way. (Actually they weren't roped off but rather huddled under any shade that was within a mile of the event.)

The first contest was the caber toss and it was quite apparent that all of the male contestants must have been working out at the gym for months prior. The stamina that we must endure for this event is simply astounding. Cabers were flying through the air like match sticks. The cabers made the biggest divots that I have ever seen and I'm sure it had more to do with our strength than the fact the the ground was a tad damp. After it was all said and done, Kirk had the highest score with 30 out of a possible 45 points.

As seen in this photo, Robo attempts to launch the first chicken into space.

Then it was on to the Women's 5 Meter Skillet Toss Event. (Disclaimer: Tossing a cast iron skillet is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted at home no matter what the disagreement. During the event, some of the women asked their significant-other to stand near the target. This is strictly prohibited at the Moonfest Games.) It was interesting to watch the different techniques used by the women. There were some who gracefully arched the skillet at the target while others chose a more violent end-over-end approach. Choosing the end-over-end approach led to some interesting results such as the skillet handle being impaled into the ground as if were a dagger. After all the skillets were thrown, Debbie was the winner with a total of 15 points out of 45.

Onwards...Next was the Men's 250lb. Bowling Ball Shot Put. By now, all the men had rehydrated themselves from the grueling Caber Toss and were ready to go. Bowling balls were flying trough the air like balls shot out of a cannon. I have never witnessed such a show of both skill and strength. It was simply amazing. Gordon was the winner with 35 out of 45 points.

The last event was the Chicken-in-the-Pot. Everyone is given one practice shot and the women certainly required at least one, if not more practice throws. I was rather concerned the we might lose our chicken before the event actually got under way when Robo (a.k.a. Roberta) attempted to launch the bird into the stratosphere. I have never seen a chicken fly so high. We had to wait at least a minute before the bird finally landed. This year there was only one chicken that got nothing but "pot." This feat was accomplished by our neighbor Mandi who subsequently won the contest with a resounding 40 points out of a possible 60.

The proud winners: Gordon, Kirk, Debbie and Mandi

Immediately following the events, the awards were handed out to the four new winners presented by the previous year's winners. It was a rather emotional ceremony and I'm sure all four of our winners will never forget this day. All of their toil, sweat, preparation and discipline paid off.

But just when you think all of the fun is over, there was another contest for later in the evening. Guests were prodded to design T-shirts commemorating this year's Waning Moonfest and some of the contestants went through a lot of trouble to design their works of "art." It was a tough call as to whom had the best T-shirts, but the all-in-the-family T-shirts proudly warn by Richard, Becky and their dog Summer were certainly the most artistic. The trio of matching shirts were certainly a hit amongst fellow mooners. Summer won for best T-shirt worn by a dog, while Becky won the girl's T-shirt contest and Ron won the guy's T-shirt contest. Ron's T-shirt was a rather simple but unique half black-half white, duct-taped-together T-shirt.

I was deeply saddened that neither Jo nor myself won any contests, but in the immortal words of a Cub fan, "Wait til' next year."

One of the winning T-shirt designs.