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DayCreek Journal

June 6 , 2003

Wall-O-Meter on the Move (Again)

Caber Toss Winner Richard Flatau autographs a log (worth millions).

Last week I got the green light from the state's electrical inspector to go ahead and start mudding. I have nothing but good things to say about the cooperation and advice received by the inspector. He is thorough and quite willing to work with me on my project. It costs me $20 per visit, but well worth it.

So with the help from Richard Flatau (New Blue Moonfest Caber Toss Winner), the cordwood building season began this year with wall #34. Wall #34 is one of the utility room walls and the wall in which the Aquastar 125S tankless water heater will be installed sometime in July. For this reason, this wall was tackled first.

Did I say Richard Flatau? Yes, along with his wife Becky and glove stealing dog "Summer", they helped with wall #34. This was Richard's first chance to get his hands into PEM (Paper Enhanced Mortar) and from what I could tell he liked the consistency of the mix. Just so Richard could share in the ambiance of the entire process, he assigned himself to the task of slurrying paper and mixing the mortar. All and all we had a great time mudding together and I had Richard and Becky sign a log. (Their signed log became the first to be mortared into the wall.)

Speaking of which, there will be plenty more of signed logs going into the walls. Anyone who visits and helps with the building of the house is encouraged to write a few words of wisdom and sign their names to the logs. The first log I had signed was from Bun N' Bear Frasier back in October of 1997 when we visited their house in Ontario, Canada. I asked them if we could take a piece of their house and use it in our own, so Bear proudly sanded down a log and signed their names to it. Ever since I have been collecting signed logs to be displayed in our inside walls.

For the most part, the rest of the summer and fall season will be devoted to raising walls. I'm sure I'll have plenty of other things to talk about here on the journal as the walls go up, so stay tuned.

Don't forget about the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair on June 20 - 22. I will be talking about our house at Noon on Friday, June 20th. (Orange Flag Tent) Hopefully, I will see you there!

A word to the wise: If you ever meet up with Summertime Flatau, hide your gloves!