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DayCreek Journal

May 25 , 2005

You've Got to be Kitten

Mom with her day-old kitties

Well, I guess the top headline for this journal entry has to be about four newborn kitties. The kittens were born during the weekend of May 14-15. One of them is mostly black, another a mottled-black brown, a gray and a calico. They all seem to be healthy and are being taken care of by mom.

She had them in a storage container that I lined with newspaper, straw and a few old T-shirts. I made a roof to help shelter her and put the container up against the house to help protect it from the elements. This seemed to suit her fine although every chance she has, mom wants to inspect the interior of the house. As a matter of fact, last weekend during our annual Moonfest celebration, she managed to get into the house and between the cordwood walls. I thought for sure she would have trouble finding her way out, but she did finally come back out on her own. After that, signs went up to make sure everyone knew not to let the cats inside the house.

Maybe it was too much commotion this weekend or maybe it just got too warm in the container, but Mom decided to move her kitties on Sunday. It took me a while to find them, but after observing mom for about 15 minutes, I found them safe, sound and warm in a nest she made for them under some tarp-covered bales of shredded newspaper. It's more secluded than the container and with the help from "Cat Dad", it now has a roof to protect them from heavy rains.

Caber Toss Winners from 2002 - 2005: Ron, Kirk, Richard and Rick.

Moonfest 2005
This past week sure has been busy in preparation for Moonfest 2005. We had about 25 guests attend this year's Moonfest event. We call it Moonfest, because there's just about a fest for everything, so why not the moon?

The weather forecast didn't look too good leading up to Saturday and sure enough, it did rain during the morning and early afternoon. With the forecast looking miserable, I decided earlier in the week to buy a "portable" 10' x 20' carport. It's actually rather nice and adding a few tarps to the sides kept the rain out and everyone dry.

But our Moonfest luck held out and by 1:30 in the afternoon, the sun came out and we were able to get in the annual Moonfest games: Caber Toss, Skillet Throw, Bowling Ball Shot-Put and Chicken-In-The-Pot. There were the usual participants from previous years plus a few new friends that participated.

Unknowingly, I invited a couple of rookie ringers this year that walked away with the prizes: Rick won the Caber Toss and Bowling Ball Shot Put while Gretchen won both the Skillet Throw and Chicken-In-The-Pot contests. This was the first time that two people walked away winning a cornucopia of wonderful gifts that they will cherish for years to come. Of course, since they were the winners, they have to supply the gifts for next year's event.

We're not quite sure what the odds are that a rubber chicken tossed 50' in the air would land straddling the handle of the pot, but it grew quite a crowd of onlookers. (And yes, the chicken is wearing a kilt.)

All and all, everyone had a great time and the evening was fun-filled with a cow joke telling contest around the campfire and a card game of "Crap on your Neighbor". (It's one of those Minnesotan card games that everyone plays up here in the middle of winter: from September to June.)

Raccoon Races
Those dang raccoons are still at it! Just about every night the raccoons are out running around the deck. Not only are they running around, but they're crapping there too. For some reason, they like to use the deck as their bathroom. It is absolutely driving me crazy. I tried mothballs. That seemed to work for about four nights, but now there starting to do their do-do again.

So now I've put up a fence in hoping it will deter them. Yes, they certainly can get over the fence if they try hard enough and if they do, I will have to resort to some other means of dealing with them.

Now I must admit that part of this problem is my fault. They love to eat just about anything and that includes bird and cat food. For about two weeks now, I've been bringing in the bird feeder at night and making sure there's no cat food to eat. I hope that this persistence will eventually deter the pests and they will go elsewhere.

Other than that, not too much else to report. I've got some web design work to do along with stuff for the CoCoCo.

"5 O'Clock Charley" has gotten smart about the bird feeder being taken down at night and is now showing up in the late afternoon.