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DayCreek Journal

May 9, 1999


Building the Footings - Part II

footing1.jpg (5248 bytes)As in previous weeks, my time spent at the building site was short and fleeting. Weekends just are not enough time to get much done. Fortunately, this will be remedied shortly as this will be my last week of employment until winter sets in.

I arrived Saturday morning to catch someone in the act of climbing over my front gate. It appears that this noble individual wanted some of my morel mushrooms. He explained that he didn't know it was a problem because I had no signs up signifying that I did not want trespassers. Although Minnesota state law says you must ask permission first, I guess some people need to see signs posted. I really hate having to post signs, but I will reluctantly start posting signs I my next visit.

Saturday I spent much of the day constructing the inside boards for the outside footings. As usual, I thought it would be easy and it ended up being a bit of a task. It appears that the computer program that I have been using to design the house was slightly off on the measurements. I found that I had to do some trimming to get the inside boards to fit. By the end of the day, I had the boards in place.

Sunday I attached brackets to the boards and leveled all 16 boards. The forms seem to be pretty much level and ready to go. I will go back around again with a laser level to make sure that every form is dead on level.

The next update may be in two to three weeks as I move supplies up to the cabin and find a way to update these pages from the cabin. Stay tuned for the latest news!footing2.jpg (6589 bytes)