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DayCreek Journal

April 19 , 2011

Cruel Spring

The winter that keeps on giving.

It's hard to believe that spring is here. It's hard to believe that winter is still here. My oh my, what a long winter this has been. Yes, there have been a few warm days, but mostly cool, cold, wet and still occasionaly bouts of snow. Today was the topper with over four inches of the white stuff falling. Some of it has melted, but there's about two inches on the ground late this afternoon while I write this.

This should bring the winter snow total to somewhere around 66 inches, although it feels like that number should be higher—at least my back thinks so.

The good news is that the snow guards I built last summer have worked perfectly! There has been zero snow slides off of the roof, even when there was close to two feet of snow up there. The gutters have had no damage at all. Why didn't I do this sooner?

As far as the greenhouse is concerned, that was a major bummer. Over the past few weeks (when it hasn't been snowing/raining) I have worked diligently to clean up the mess of tangled pipe, chicken-wire and plastic. In its place is a new raised-bed garden area with three new beds and a new fence system to keep the deer out. (We shall see how well it works.)

On a final note, I should be wrapping up the final work for the 2011 Cordwood Conference Papers. They should be done by the end of this month. Stay tuned...

Jo and I will sorely miss our dear friend Tom who was always there when we needed him. I knew that every mortar batch he made would be accurate—very accurate! I'm not sure how many batches of mortar he mixed, but he earned the title of "Master Mortar Mixer." Our hearts go out to his family.

—Alan Stankevitz