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DayCreek Journal
January 26 , 2000

Facelift for
Over the last number of weeks I have been busy rewriting and converting this web site. Although it doesn't have anything to do with building our cordwood house, it has become a necessary part of keeping you, (the intended reader) updated with pertinent information related to our "cordwood adventure". There are quite a few Internet sites devoted to alternative housebuilding, such as strawbale, but too few are written on the subject of cordwood construction. The intent of has been and will continue to be, to help promote building cordwood homes and living a simpler lifestyle.

We've been framed
The first release of was written using frames. Frames are helpful in dividing up the screen layout so it is easy to navigate, but search engines that search web sites for specific words and key phrases have a hard time dealing with frames. In a lot of cases, the search engine spiders never make it past the first page. I feel that has a lot to offer for those who seek information related to the subjects presented here. After trying what I could to get this site posted on all of the major search engine sites, I have decided to move away from frames. So, as you are now aware, this site no longer contains frames.

I hope you enjoy the new look and feel to this site. I'm sure I will be refining this site as time progresses even though I will be neck deep in cordwood by summer. As always, DayCreek journal will be updated frequently to keep you in-tune to our progress.

Now that the all the new pages are up, it's off to the library to do some more research. I've got to get the plans finalized for our heating system and plumbing system. We'll start with the heating plans next. Expect to see some plans presented here on DayCreek Journal in the next few weeks.