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DayCreek Journal

January 25, 2005

January Thaw

We seem to be having one of those old fashioned winters. The kind where it snows and it's cold? Remember those? Today just happened to be one of those clear, weather-free days and it was good to get out and do a little snow shoe hiking. Temperatures were near 40° (F) and without too much wind. This is in contrast to the weather just a few days ago when winds were whipping fresh snow around and causing all sorts of problems here in the Midwest.

I have been dividing my time between Minnesota and Illinois during this snowy period. Both SE Minnesota and NE Illinois received about 10 to 12 inches of snow over the weekend, so I found myself digging out both homes this week.

Speaking of digging out...we are so very blessed to have great neighbors and friends here in Minnesota. Our neighbor Bill would get the gold medal if the Olympics ever were to include the "Bobcat Event." He spends most of his summer days doing landscaping work with a Bobcat and even his wife Mandi says his butt is formed to the shape of his Bobcat seat. (I'll take her word for it. Not going there.)

During the winter months, he converts his landscaping mean machine into a snow plowing mean machine. Usually by the time I make it up here after a snow, the road has already been plowed all the way up to the house. What a great neighbor!

This last fall Bill mentioned that he would keep an eye out for a used plow. He said that if he found one, he would make an attachment for the Bobcat so I could have just as much fun plowing as he does. Well low and behold, Bill showed up with the plow last week. For a modest fee, he bought an attachment plate for the Bobcat and welded the plow on to it. It's complete with springs and an adjustable pivot.

It took a little getting use to, but within an hour I was plowing just like the pros. (Not really. I just felt that way.) As I have stated many times; the rusty, trusty Bobcat comes in handy all the time. Hauling wood, plowing snow, moving sand, mixing cement, drilling post holes...the list goes on. What a great invention and what a great plow — thank you Bill!

Soon February will be here and time to cut down a few trees for next year's supply of firewood. There's lots to be done as usual and so little time. Such is life. Well, I better go. It's almost 8 PM and from the sounds of it, the cold front has just passed through the valley. Tomorrow it looks like we're back to temperatures more seasonable. It was sure nice though to get a one day reprieve.


Our latest log comes from our neighbors Bill and Mandi. Their log reads: "Good neighbors are hard to find, Great neighbors are rare. Here's to great neighbors!" It's signed by the whole family, including their horses, dogs and goat.

Jo and I are so very fortunate to have them as great neighbors too!