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Well, here they are. . . A robust collection of cordwood articles spanning the last 25 years of cordwood construction. This list is by no means complete and more are to follow as they become uncovered.

Please Note: There has been quite a learning curve going on here since the 1970s, so remember that while you read. For example, recommendations on wall-width have increased since the first articles were published.

And also, a special thanks goes out to all publishers for their permission to reuse these articles.

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Cordicle Description

Issue No. 104 - Jan/Feb 2010

Cordwood and Community

Alternative building techniques meet Energy Star practices. By Richard and Becky Flatau.

Issue No. 102 - Sept/Oct 2009

The Practical Art of Repurposing

Bartered, gifted, and salvaged resources make a garden shed to be proud of. By Tom Barchacky

Permaculture No.45

View From The Green Room

Rob Hopkins describes a project where art and permaculture met with dramatic results. Here's the story of the Kinsale Playhouse built of cordwood and cob.

September-October 2004 Issue

Get A Life

For Cliff Shockey and Sylvie Francouer, life is a journey with many side trips. Here's the story of Cliff Shockey and how he built his double-wall cordwood/stackwall home.

Issue No. 177 - December/January 2000

The Cordwood Sauna

Building the ultimate head of steam by Rob Roy. Rob experienced his first sauna in 1963 and little did he know that he was taking the first step on a lifelong quest for the perfect sweat.

Issue No. 149 - April/May 1995

Rob Roy's Earthwood Home

This is the most detailed of all articles on cordwood construction. 17 photographs and 2 diagrams along with lots of reading make this quite an enjoyable article. Discover how Rob Roy built his Earthwood home.

Issue No. 34 - May/June 1998

Turning the Circle

Learn how Jim Coonen and Michelle Pezzi built their 16-sided cordwood abode in northern Wisconsin

Issue No. 19 - Spring 1995

Two Walls Are Better Than One

Stackwood x two + sun = warm home in a cold climate. If you are interested in double-wall cordwood, this is an excellent article about Cliff Shockey's method.

Issue No. 16 - Summer 1994

An Ad for the CoCoCo '94 Conference

Take a trip down memory lane to read about the first major cordwood masonry symposium ever held!

Issue No. 9 - Fall 1992

Earthwood . . . Ten Years Later

Hindsight how-to from a cordwood and earth-shelter pioneer.

Issue No. 7 - Spring 1992

My Catalpa Cottage

Build a house for $10 a square foot? You bet I did!

Issue No. 5 - Fall 1991

Homebuilding by the Cord

Or how I spent my summer vacation.

Issue No. 96 - March/April 1991

Cheaper By The Cord

Learn how Jane Bexton built her own stackwall house in Ontario, Canada. A very good article that describes the whole house-building process. The first home to incorporate foam insulation within a cordwood wall cavity.

Vol.1, No. 5 - January 1988

Shelter By The Cord

How we managed to build a house and beat the system in only 18 months by using firewood for walls. By Richard Flatau

Issue No. 88 - July/August 1984

A Mortgage-Free, Owner-Built Cordwood Castle

In this case, "lack of interest" applies to the financing, not to the owner-builder's spirit! Here's Richard Flatau's article about how he built "Flatau's Plateau."

Issue No. 79 - January/February 1983

The Thermal Efficiency of Cordwood Walls

An energy consultant looks at how log-end houses "stack up" against conventional structures.

Issue No. 73 - January/February 1982

The Miniature Cordwood Barn

Modeled after Mom's life-sized original, this easily made toy will provide hours of fun.

Issue No. 72 - November/December 1981

Mother's Stackwood Barn

Here's our design for a farmstead outbuilding that can handle a whole slew of duties.

Issue No. 67 - January/February 1981

A Log-End Cave

A pair of cordwood-construction pioneers have gone underground. Find out all about Rob Roy's second cordwood home.

Issue No. 64 - July/August 1980

The Building of Mother's Stackwood Dome

Here's the full story on one of the world's most unusual cordwood structures . . .

Issue No. 54 - November/December 1978

A Century (or More) of Stackwood Homes

No one knows just where stackwood construction originated, or even how long it's been around... but there's plenty of proof that buildings made of "cordwood" can pass the test of time!

Issue No. 50 - March/April 1978

You Can Learn Stackwood Construction This Summer!

It appears according to this article, that the University of Manitoba was the first to offer cordwood workshops.

Issue No. 49 - January/February 1978

We Built a Hobbit Garage

It's made with cordwood all right, but where's the mortar?

Issue No. 47 - September/October 1977

The Return of the Cordwood House

A three part series on cordwood. Besides Jack's second article, you will also find Rob Roy's first article and a report entitled: "Housing for the North", published by the Alberta Environment and Environment Canada.

Issue No. 45 - May/June 1977

We Built A $75,000 House... For Only $10,000!

The spark that started the cordwood revival. Read all about Jack Henstridge's "Stackwood" building adventures.